Become a confident, skillful injection specialist


Our instructors work full-time at one of the busiest aesthetic injectables practices in the nation. Why tear these practitioners from their work to teach for InjectionU?


We want to offer training of the highest possible quality to our students, and to us, that means putting your education in the hands of those we know best. Not only do our instructors work at our sister institution, Skin by Lovely, they have all been independently selected as national trainers for Allergan (the makers of Botox and Juvederm) and Galderma (the makers of Restylane and Dysport). This means each of your instructors believes in perpetually cultivating her talent and developing her skills in order to deliver what she’s gained in the process to motivated students.


Why set out to create a training institution to prepare injectors for careers outside our sister practice? 


We believe that raising the bar in injectable education will lift everyone up. Even though our students go on to create careers at practices other than our home base, we want injectors practicing everywhere to have the highest caliber training to draw from. Patients will receive better results, which will instill confidence in the lives of those who trust us to take their appearance into our hands. Injectors will hone their skill to deliver not merely improvement, but exceptional results, thus propelling them forward into rewarding careers. And, a higher standard of quality means the industry will leave the twin shadows of stigma and injectable horror stories in the past, allowing patients to feel safer and freer of judgement when they come to us for treatment (–and to want to tell their friends). Ripple effects start with a drop.


A rising tide lifts all boats

two aesthetic nurses doing botox injections

Course Flexibility

InjectionU offers custom course dates to accommodate your schedule. Simply submit your top your start date preferences and we’ll take care of the rest.


Injectable products (wrinkle relaxers and dermal filler) and medical supplies necessary for training will be supplied by InjectionU. Enrollees also receive a wealth of printed reference material.  

Advanced Technology

Learn in beautiful clinical spaces with the latest in medical educational technology.

We have two convenient locations on the West Coast: Santa Monica, CA, and Lake Oswego, OR.  

Top Educators

Our instructors are nationally recognized for their expertise in injectables, and are some of the busiest providers in the aesthetics industry. We focus on the safest practices, natural-looking results, and positive outcomes.